Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hi guys!

I know I've been quiet for the past month so I thought I'd stop by to let you know that I'm still alive. Im just on vacation! and I will be for a while longer. I still monitor my stores tho so dont worry about that. In fact we just moved to a larger slot on the same sim, near my old place. MM is up atm with one of my latest creations to attract people and show off my new place. :p

Take care and see you soon!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hints and help - yup a second post today!

-This guide requires photoshop! If anyone has a guide similar to mine fitted for GIMP or if you are willing to adjust this post for GIMP please let me know. =) -

I have decided to write a short tutorial/hint about photo's in secondlife. This tutorial will talk about how to make things like posters in an easy painless way.. I will not tell you how to design your poster but I will tell you how to get your designs in it.

First, the best way to take pictures in SL (unless you are wanting the SL environment, it sometimes looks more natural/realistic to use an SL environment) is to use a photobooth/studio with a "full bright" background created specifically for what we're going to do. Full bright is a setting you can enable in any prim that yu have modify rights on, it makes the color completely solid with no shadows, shadow is an enemy in this case. There are many pre-made photostudios for sale around SL and on XSL. These normally include alot of poses and options for modifying your background. I normally use Rudolf Moo's studio, it's several different photostudios rezzed in-world and free to use , these photostudios are also for sale if you would like to use them somewhere more private - on your own land.

We are going to be extracting your model from the in-world screenshots we will be taking to put on your background of choice. For best result we will want to choose a background color that doesnt match any color of the outfit/skin/attachments... well ANYTHING that you want to keep on your model. For example if your outfit is white and you use a white background then most of the outfit will disappear when we extract the picture.. So here I am at Rudolf's studio. Wearing black and using a full bright blue background.. sometimes you might want to be careful with picking a color that is to hot or too different from your outfit as it might leave a thin line around the model - I noticed this especially with hot pink or magenta.

You will have to play around a bit with the lighting of your image, an option is to use "midday" in world > environment settings and combine it with a good facelight I really like Ghosty's polite facelight. It's not the most avanced but it like it bcause its not too strong... unless you want it to be. There's also special lights designed for photographing with different strengths and colors.

Here's a tip tho for good lighting in any picture without the use of any facelights.

The difference is amazing, you have to be careful tho, while this setup does not require any facelights - if you choose to use a facelight anyway it may become very bright and wash out parts of the face.

Anyway, back on track. We now have a nice screenshot that we want to work with, in my case my model(me) wearing a black polkadot dress on a full bright blue bakground.

Open Photoshop then click 'File>Open' and find your picture. Click 'open' - you should now see the screenshot in your photoshop window.

Now here's how I do it. Look at the layers palette, it should be to your right and if you look at the layer thats already there it is locked. This is because it is a background layer. To get a layer of the picture that you can actually work on you can either rename the layer which automatically unlocks it. This is done by double-clicking the layer name - a small window will popup allowing you to change the layername. The way I do it tho is by pressing CTRL+J, this will duplicate the background layer so that the original image is still intact if you mess up. It should now look like this:

Disable the bottom layer by pressing the little eye-icon next to it in the list.

The simple way:
Select the Magic Wand Tool, it should be in the top left of your screen in the tools bar or you can activate it by pressing the W key. Now click anywhere in the(in my case) blue area to select all of that color that is connected to it. Press the delete key(or go to edit>clear) to delete the selection. If theres still some blue left then do the same thing in that area aswell, click to select - press delete to remove. Repeat this until all blue is removed and you are satisfied with your picture.

The other simple way:
Go to 'Select>Color range' and a new window will popup. In this window the most important thing to do is to open the drop-down menu by 'Select' and choose Sampled Colors then uncheck the box next to 'Localized Color Clusters'.

Now with the popup still up click anywhere in the blue in the main window to select it then hold down the TAB key and click on another blue area that didnt get selected in the first click. You can see the total selection in the popupwindow in the preview. It's a good idea to click a few spots around hair strands aswell to get some of the darker colored blue that was created by semi-transparent textures. These blue spots on your hair might not be very noticeable right now but if you use a different color background in your final image it can really stand out...

When you are satisfied with your selection click 'Ok' to create the selection then click the delete button to remove the selection.

You now have your model extracted and ready for use in your artwork/poster. Go to 'Select>Select All' or press CTRL+A to select the image then go to 'Edit>Copy' or CTRL+C to copy it. You can now paste it into any image you want by pressing CTRL+V or 'Paste' in the edt menu. You can now save a PSD(photoshop file) of this project by going to 'File>Save As' this way you wont have to redo the process if you ever need the image again.
Not bad for 1 minutes work - right?

My final result:

Dancing Queen young and fierce... wait, fierce?

Yeah yeah, me and my cheeeeezy titles! :p

New outfits
'Cotton Candy' - cutesy sexy corset worn with hotpants or skirt and light pink fishnets with or without straps.

'Dancing Queen' and 'Dancing Queen Starz' - a young and fierce "mix and match" outfit with optional strass pieces. Can be worn with pants or skirt.

As always my creations are very cheap because looking good does not have to cost a fortune!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another new one!

Yup, I told you I had more coming up. =)

So here is my dress that I decided to call "Dilemma"
It was made for and inspired by the runway show I was in last week at the Downtown Model Agency. The theme was "angels and devils" can you guess what I did? Both! No, I didnt enter the runway twice... See for yourself.

It is now up for sale in my store for 49L. Because looking good shouldnt cost a fortune ;)

There is also a groupgift coming up. It's all ready, I just havent had time to box it up yet but it will be out today. Make sure to join the subscribe-o-matic goup because that's where it will be sent out.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lots and lots of new releases!

Oh where to begin? I've been a busy little girl.. I dont know what happened, all of a sudden I had 4 new items up for sale... and still have more ready for sale!
I guess since Im such a naughty little lazy blogger and didnt blog for a while I will have to start in chronological order.

First up this week was my new, very popular swimsuit 'Elegant tease'.
I put it in my MM board pre-release and it seemed fairly popular. Way more people stuck around than usual. The Board filled up pretty fast but since I had already promised to force it on a certain time it did not have a chance to lock.
The MM board was set up by Nightclub Phantasm as they were having their big opening party. So it was a mix of an opening gift and a way to get people to see the club. I have to add that the club was looking FAB on that day. You see, everytime they have a themeparty they refurnish and remodel the whole club both outside and insides. This time it was a fantasy theme and it was so beautiful. This club goes one step further in entertainment they really do!
Next up on the list of releases are these 2 bikinis 'American kini' and 'Swedish kini'. Yes, more swimwear, it is summer isnt it? :p

Not quite as popular, no wonder really. You would have to be either Swedish or American and proud of it to want to wear any of these. The good news is that they do indeed fit you even if you are not swedish or american! Swedish-kini and American-kini are my new, improved versions of the bikini available for free in my store. This was it's original purpose, I was just feeling too lazy to finish it!

Finally my latest release. This one was put on my MM board pre-release aswell as people seem to appreciate when I do this. I put it up yeterday afternoon and it locked with in 30 minutes(way to go people)!
It is a latex bodysuit. Hot, devilish, 'Devilicious'!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I love Lucky Designs! =)

Yep, it's true that buying my MidnightMania board was the best thing I've done for my business, and when the creator behind the MM board offered an upgrade to the copy version - it didnt take long for me to make up my mind. So... not long ago the next big hit from Lucky Designs arrived. This time it isnt an item really... its more of a big BIG game tieing together all the previous Lucky Design products and community around it. Let me tell you, this is so much fun, now youre not only getting your favorite freebies from the lucky chairs, lucky cupcakes and other lucky products. You're also collecting points that you can use to get tickets, which in turn can be used to exchange for special items at various stores. There is also an island high up in the sky with several games and activities that can reward you points. One of them is 'Detonation' which is very much like minesweeper(sorry Shep ;p) so get practicing! The points you collect are called 'Kudos' and when you finish a task that rewards kudos you also get a badge, the list of badges can get pretty long! The link to this game which is also called the Lucky Tribe, can be found in my list of bloggers on the left side of my blog. =) Give it a try, it really is so much fun!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A little something for the new ones..

Today I've decided to blog about all the very very generous designers out there. Especially the ones who go a little further to help newbie out. I'm talking about the ones who have a constant special offer for new avatars, usually avatars less than 30 days old. An example for this is a hair store called 'Gurl 6'. They have a VERY generous offer - any avatar can go to their store an pick up a notecard to fill out, they get to pick ONE hairstyle, any hairstyle they want in their entire store for FREE. If you're a member of their group you will get every single color pack for that hairstyle aswell. I did this when I was born and I got 60 different colors of my favorite hairstyle. I use it all the time, even a year after I got it. Thank you Gurl 6 =)
So in this post I will keep a list of stores with this offer, if you know of any places like this or if you own a store with special newbie offers like this please let me know. Also as the post extends please let me know if any of the stores on the list does not have a noobie special anymore.

Gurl 6 - avatars less than 30 days old can pick one hairstyle for free. Pick up the notecard at their store for more info.
~Tea Lane~ - has a skin available for free for avatars less than 30 days old.
A:S:S - Has a great starter-package for new avatars less than 20 days old. There's so much in this package and it all looks great.
Here are some previews:

Friday, May 8, 2009

Good news, bad news and rezzday news!

Let's do this candid camera style.

The bad news..
I have decided to move my main location from 'Agora Village Shops' to 'Welcome Center Galleria' - I am no longer renting at the Agora Village Shops. While this may not be bad news for any of you it hurts me in a few different ways.
First off, the people who know where my store is and who keep coming back for more will now face an empty space, or even another store where mine used to be and they may not know where to turn...(I hope you read this!)
The second thing it does to me is that I now have to go through all my posters and replace the landmarks inside them and rewrite and replace the notecards.
Last but not least, Agora was an adorable little shopping district, just the right size, the right price and the right environment. Welcome Center Galleria is ALOT bigger as I stated in my last post but atleast we get concerts and events! Im renting a small slot at the moment, 50 prims but I've got my eye on the larger slots on the first floor. If any of those get abandoned I might just take it!

The good news..
I finally quit being evil and put out the design I mentioned in an earlier post.
It's a white, rocky outfit. There's 2 different tops included, one is a normal cut and the other has a shorter a little more daring V-cut. Both tops have studs scattered on the front and kind of take the shape of a heart. The pants are unique too, while rocky with studs and all the heart shape that th suds form around your behind really puts all eyes on you(or it?). I decided to include 2 different belts in this set aswell since the belts in the 'Hot Peek!' sets were so popular. One belt is with studs all around while the other is a plain black belt without studs.

Finally, the rezzday news!
It's my rezzday today as you might know and I am not one to be greedy on such a wonderful day. So I put up TWO Midnight Mania boards, each with an outfit that is usually sold in my store. Board number one includes the black version of my 'Crazy Raver' outfit and in the other board I put my beautiful spring dress(I love it :p). The target is set to just 75 per board so its gonna lock up fast, you better hurry if you want it!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy rez-day!

No not yet, soon though. My one year rezzday is on the 8th, in 3 days! I demand lots and lots of gifts! No... actually a hug or 2 would be fine, if you really really love me!

New store location, Welcome Center Galleria. It's a full sim of shops. The shops are all very beautiful and have big display windows. The wall and floor textures can be changed by the managers at the mall which saves some prims =). A couple of my friends moved in as neighbors so it was an easy decision.
They also host concerts from time to time by their big open dancefloor, theres one to be held on the 9th so maybe that will be a good way to celebrate my rezzday, even if it's one day too late. You're all welcome to meet me there!

I had a discussion with myself the other day about eyes..
What is the deal about eyes? You can find them free, you can find them cheap and you can find them pretty expensive at some of the larger stores. Is more expensive better? I have tried many eyes and one thing I noticed is that the ones that are very photoreal when you zoom in or when you look at their texture usually dont look all that flattering at a normal distance.. The details get washed out and because they're photoreal the color is normally a bit faded. Now on the other hand the more cartoony and/or handdrawn eyes normally stand out a bit more which enhances your face(we all know that the eyes are a mirror to the soul) but if the color is too heavy the color itself makes important details get washed out, possibly to the extent of just leaving a colorful SPLAT! in your eye... So where do you find quality eyes? I dont have the answer to that... I did find a pair of freebie eyes at Redgrave's(a very good skin designer) that were pretty good looking but I wish they were a little bit more blue. I went back to see if they had any eyes for sale but failed to find any, the store is quite big and very populated so it's possible that they just didnt rezz fast enough.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sneaky Bella!

Hi guys! *big grin*
Yup I'm so sneaky, I made some new stuff, but I havent actually put them up for sale yet! So I dont have all that much to come with for the blog this week, there is a new freebie tho!
This time it is a pinkish-red sequin bikini given away for free at the agora village shops. =)
Very sexy ^^
My landlord doesnt seem to approve of public sunbathing in locations with no sun tho! Shame ;p
Some things on my mind right now..
I currently have 2 store locations, as you may or may not already know. One is a small vending stall outside the Phantasm nightclub. It's 50L a week for 50 prims(1L per prim) the other is 110L a week for 60 prims(math, anyone? 1,84L per prim) and I also rent a safety box for my magic box at 35L a month for 1 prim(8,75L per prim). So I have 110 prims at my disposal in vending locations and 1 prim for my magic box... My safetybox rental is about to run out and I am unsure of whether I should renew it or if I should put it somewhere in one of my vending locations... 35L a month is no money and the reason I decided on a safety box was to possibly reduce the downtime or delivery problems and also because the magic box is so darn ugly...(isnt it?). I still have to give it some thought tho... 8,75 per prim, am I just being greedy?
Let me know if you have some more pro's and con's on this or just an opinion, I always had trouble making decisions!
Another thing came up yesterday, there is a new upcoming hunt in july and I am considering to enter. It is hosted by the owners of Total Betty's(totally adorable clothing but you should know by now that I adore them^^). Im currently trying to think up ideas of what to make, it'll be great fun! I do wonder tho - how many shoe(and non-shoe) stores are going to make glass slippers?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


No Im not really a groupie but I do have a new group!
Well ok... it's my only group but anyway, to the point! I made a group for my business. The group is called "Sweet Chili" if you want to do a search for it or you can just visit my store at the agora village to find my group inviter which pretty much just gives you the link to my group so that you can join. =) There wont really be much action in this group right now but when it grows bigger and when my business grows bigger I will be alot more active with sending out notices of gifts and new releases and midnight mania boards...

...that's right, I decided to purchase a midnight mania board. For those of you who don'tknow what this is, midnight mania is kind of a freebie game. The owner sets a target on the board. This number defines how many clicks from unique avatar that's needed for the game to finish. Then they load an item into the board and if the target amount of clicks is reached before midnight SLT then everybody who clicked the board gets that item for free. If the target is not reached however there's no prize, better luck next time!
The items put in the board is not normally freebies, if they are then you've come to the wrong place, in fact most midnight mania(MM) groups have rules against using freebie items in their boards.
Groups? Yes, there are many groups dedicated to finding and announcing MM boards, to find one of these groups just do a group search in SL for 'midnight mania' or something similar. I suggest you pick a group with a large amount of members.

Lots of text an no illustrations... well, here's a picture of me at work!
Proof that I am actually doing my job; standing outside Studio Nails looking pretty!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

New release and more ^^

Let's start with my newest outfit today. It's a full 7 piece outfit. The idea is similar to the 'Hot catch!' pants that I put out earlier this week but this is a complete outfit. The pants have big rips all over that's held together by fishnet. With this you also get a bikini top and bottom and a fishnet shirt that can be worn with or without the bikini pieces depending on how frisky you're feeling. ;) The fishnet shirt comes with a pair of gloves in order to extend the legth of it to give it that punky look. As a finishing touch I've included a belt in 2 different colors. This belt is worn on the jacket layer, it is NOT a prim belt. Why? Because I am tired of seeing these really badly fitted Prim belts that just looks like hulahoops or that's piercing your body in various places(ouch!). Don't get me wrong, some prim belts are really hot but this is how I choose to do it.

I have decided to lower the price on all my items and some of the older creations are now down to a mere 15 linden! The most pricey item at this date(not counting the fatpacks) is my new outfit that I've just told you about which is selling for 59L =) not bad for a 7 piece outfit . =)

Now that's out of the way, what else is new? I know I cut my last post off because it was so long ^^
I don't know if you know this but I was renting at a place called the 'Temple of Asrai' but shortly after I moved in I got a notice that they had to close down for personal issues, they were very professional about it and they also gave me a refund on my rent =)(I hope they're ok!) So I thought "Ok, this was probably good for me anyway because I really shouldnt expand right now"(yea right! We know how that went...). That was last week... THIS week my very awesome friend and DJ sent me a message to let me know that he had just opened a club and that he put up a small amount of stalls outside for rent, these stalls were 50 prim and only 50L a week... you know.. what was I to do? :p So now I have a small place outside a club called Phantasm, It's a rock-themed place to the looks of it, It's a kind of spooky and dark place but I'm trying to convert them all with my large pink posters!
The grand opening party of this place is on may 1st, so be there!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Naughty Bella!

I havent blogged for a whole week, I should be grounded!

I really dont have a good reason why I didnt blog. I've been a bit bored and a bit frustrated because I have great visions of designs but my photoshop skills need to be improved but that will come with time I hope. =) Right now Im practicing and practicing more. I rarely do the same thing twice in a row and if I do then I usually use different techniques. I think that might be why It's going so slow at the moment but Im learning lots.

So whats new? Hmm..

Well a few days ago there was a few changes made at the agora village shops. My good friend moved from her spot to a much bigger one and when I heard this I started to work my beautiful puppyeyes on the landowner to get my hands on my friends old spot, and who can resist a beautiful girls pleading puppyeyes? So I have moved from my old boring 15-prim spot(yuch!) to a fabulous, sexy, awesome 60-prim spot(yay!). With this I have also made a few changes to the look of my shop. Many thanks to the landlord for his patience with me and my floor! *wink*. You really should come see it for yourself, it's so hot and sweet(Sweet Chili pun, anyone?), it makes me drool!

I do have a new creation and you can expect to see alot more coming up now that I have room to expand.

This time it's a pair of jeans. I was thinking of my older black ripped jeans and this idea came to me. So here they are, a pair of ripped jeans, but with fishnet instead of rips! These jeans are a little special, they're based on a pretty neutral color which means that they are very tintable. All the variations you see on the poster was made using the 'tint' option in the appearance controls and I left copy/mod perms on them just for you, so now you can make many pairs out of your 1 pair and make them all look different. It's like getting a fatpack in just one pair of jeans! ^^

There's a little freebie for you guys aswell. I made this shirt to hand out during the snail race that was going on last week and that is why there's a little snail crawling out of the cleavage of this tank top. The shirt is worn on the jacket layer, this is because I wanted it to be longer than the reglar shirt layer is.

The snail race is run to collect money to help fight cancer. If you want to contribute then all you have to do is pay the vendors for a starting number and join the race! It's great fun. I couldnt join at this time because we were having our grand opening of the mall on the same day but me and a couple of the other shop owners at the agora shops were standing by the starting line(which is right outside our building) cheering in our little bunny suits.

This post is getting quite long so I will save some for next time, I bet you're all bored by now! Take care guys and see you in SecondLife!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Is it time yet, is it summer? Not quite... but we're getting there. The light skirts and dresses are slowly making their way out of the deepest corners of the closet to shine in the warm sunlight once again. To celebrate this time of the year, the time where you finally realize that the winter and snow isnt coming back, I made a beautiful dress to bring out that spring feeling in you. It is available on XSL and in game at the mall.
But wait!
Here's some really good news if you're interested in massive shopping. This saturday(the 18th) the mall will have a Grand Opening party and there will be sales going on all around the mall. I will, ofcourse, be in on this too and ALL my creations will be sold extremely cheap. You're going to think that I'm crazy when you see my prices. Remember this is a ONE DAY ONLY sale, after that the prices will be back to normal. So this saturday it is, be there! =)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, I hope you all have a good time with friends and family and may you find lots of easter eggs!

Ok, so my creativity has kind of been washed out since I went public with my design. Making all those posters stressed me out a bit :p
But now its easter and I just couldnt let easter go by without adding my design to it and since easter is supposed to be fun Im sharing it with the rest of the world for only 1L.
Get it on Xstreet SL:
or at the Agora Village mall:

Another note, as my friend told me.. I didnt mention the actual name of my shop. My designs go by the name "Sweet Chili design".

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

IzaBella, what have you done!

What exactly have I done? Let me tell you..
If you've been reading my blog you should know that I have been creating clothes for SL, getting better and better. I was hoping to some day buy myself a piece of land and set up a store there. As I was crafting more and more I came across the xstreetsl forums and saw that they have a business forum. There's so much good reading... in this forum I also started to look into rental prices to be prepared for when it was time, I wasnt planning on getting anything buuuuut...
I saw that the agora village was renting out a few different size slots at their mall, some for as low as 35L per week! Come on, what was I to do? Ofcourse I took it! So then I had a little 15 prim mall slot and I had nothing prepared to put there, not even a store sign! So I worked very hard for 2 days. I finished a halfdone outfit, made a sign for my store. I got myself a photostudio to take good pictures of my creations and made a couple of posters. This may not sound like alot of work but it really was! From now on Im making posters as I finish designs... So today I finally started to put things up in my little space, if you want to check it out here is a landmark to my store at agora village.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The mysteries of SL

How hard can it be? Trying to find a nice place to party in SL with good music and most important; NOT a strip club or sex oriented club! Sure some of them are nice with nice people but the only way to have a conversation and meet new people in those clubs is by being naked or talking about being naked. So I have been surfing around the net, the SL search, SL itself and although I am usally good at finding things, I havent found a decent club yet. There must be some secret sect out there to keep this all so quiet. A club with first class DJ's, bartenders, beautiful dancefloor filled with party-people and events to keep them all going.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Problem and solution

I love rockabilly fashion. So stylish, so clean.. and it never gets old!
So here is my idea of a rockabilly dress, very clean lines and ofcourse the polkadots! :p
With this dress I realized a problem tho.. my 100% solid, non-transparent texture used for my prim skirt was causing the transparency glitch! How ugly! So I started to ask around, I asked my teacher Afon Sheperd at NCI academy and we started to brainstorm. We didnt find the solution tho but after I had been given some ideas from her I went to Natalia Zelmanov's blog as I know she has some tutorials on making clothes with both .PNG and .TGA fileformat aswell as Photoshop. I read through a few and there it was, in the comments on her blog! Apparently newer versions of photoshop does not give you the option to turn off alpha channels when you save as a .PNG making SL think theres transparency, making it glitch... That's just my luck! :p
So from now on Im saving all my primskirt textures as .TGA. It doesnt make it more difficult, since theres no cutouts or transparency I dont have to mess with the alpha channel anyway.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some new things

Nope, no new classes this time. I figured I would let what I learned so far from classes sink in before I take on anything new. While waiting for my new knowledge to settle in my head I felt a wave of creativity come on so I sat down with photoshop and I just couldnt stop. First a pair of jeans and then 2 tube tops.

The ears are part of a gift from the Twisted and spoiled store and so is the belt, I think it gives a nice finish to my jeans. I will try to make a belt to go with them later.

I also found a very nice place for clubbing, its beautiful though a bit empty at the moment. They definately need some PR to get kicking. I hope they draw a crowd sometime soon because its a place I like to hang out at so if youre bored and up for a chat why not go down to the Nevermore nightclub and see if you can catch me, or any of the other nice people around.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

This place is beautiful

The bunnyhop hunt has started!
While was hopping along in the hunt I came across this beautiful place, I fell for it instantly. They have alot of places that couples can cuddle but I chose to just relax for a bit on this moon swing. Its a good place to sit back and just meditate life.

Yesterday I went to yet another class, this time it was something that I never really tried on my own before, class was held at the NCI academy by Devon Chaffe, it was very informative and by the end of class I not only had the knowledge on how to create tiny things in secondlife, I also had a worktable full of all the components you might need to create some nice jewelry. The workbench was provided as supplies for the class and inside there was textures for gold, silver and various gems, very useful.

Today after my arms and legs felt exausted from hopping around on the hunt for easter eggs I decided it ws time to try to create my first complete dress, with a flexi skirt part. Using the looprezzer that I achieved from the prim skirt class along with some of the skills I got there, here is my result.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

New day, new knowledge

So last night I took another class, this time at the NCI academy. This place is huge! They have several sims spread out and they hold many classes about everything from basic building to advanced building, scripting, sculpting.. This time I joined a class about creating flexi prim skirts using Ged Larsen's looprez, the script provided was a little bit improved by BLU tho and a little easier to handle so it was worth coming to class just for that. I've been trying to make skirts before like this but they always came out too sheer. This time I wasnt alone tho, I met some great people and made some new friends and there was alot of extra information about the looprez that would have taken a while longer to figure out on my own.
Here I am in class

After class was over I stayed to chat for a little bit then I went to try out my new knowledge, to make my very first skirt. I mean a skirt that actually looks ok. Here is my result, I made this to go with my jeans top that I made a few days ago. The hat is a sculptie that I got from the FRD easter egg hunt.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Am I getting any smarter?

I have been searching for good communities to learn and hang out with for a while. Finding sandboxes that host classes wasnt all that hard. I joined a few of them but last night I attended to my very first class. This was hosted by the Happy Hippo group and in this class we learned how to make edible easter cupcakes(so cute!). The class was quite easy and anyone could join, if you got stuck there was people around to help you in private without stopping the rest of the class from proceeding. The class took about 1½ hours and the people in there was just really nice, most of them probably didnt build very much before this class. It was nice to cam around and check out everybodys idea of what a nice easter cupcake would look like. Thank you Hippo's for hosting this class!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My first blogpost

Hello, I am IzaBella Goldschein and I am here to tell you about my SecondLife adventures. Well.. It will be good memories I hope. I think you will get to know me better day by day so no need for a full interview here, lets just enjoy the wonderful world of secondlife.

Im going to jump right at it and start.

Here you can see me standing by Total Betty's store. I found this store while I was attending to the grid-wide 'Twisted hunt' a big hunt with over a 100 prizes, some very nice ones that was just my taste and some... not so much my taste. :p
The hunt is active until the 30th this month.
Here is a SLURL to the staring location of the Twisted Hunt

Anyway Total Betty is just the kind of store I wish I could find in real life, they have the most hip & chic outfits aswell as some street gear, dresses.... all very beautiful and the sim, very beautiful aswell, I just fell in love with this place instantly. In the picture I am wearing Total Bettys baggy skater pants that I got from the hunt and a jeans top that I made. Its called 'Donna', I decided to name all my designed clothes and give them girls names or boys names depending on if its designed for men or women. I am hoping to some day be good enough to have my own clothing line in secondlife, practice practice! =)