Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lots and lots of new releases!

Oh where to begin? I've been a busy little girl.. I dont know what happened, all of a sudden I had 4 new items up for sale... and still have more ready for sale!
I guess since Im such a naughty little lazy blogger and didnt blog for a while I will have to start in chronological order.

First up this week was my new, very popular swimsuit 'Elegant tease'.
I put it in my MM board pre-release and it seemed fairly popular. Way more people stuck around than usual. The Board filled up pretty fast but since I had already promised to force it on a certain time it did not have a chance to lock.
The MM board was set up by Nightclub Phantasm as they were having their big opening party. So it was a mix of an opening gift and a way to get people to see the club. I have to add that the club was looking FAB on that day. You see, everytime they have a themeparty they refurnish and remodel the whole club both outside and insides. This time it was a fantasy theme and it was so beautiful. This club goes one step further in entertainment they really do!
Next up on the list of releases are these 2 bikinis 'American kini' and 'Swedish kini'. Yes, more swimwear, it is summer isnt it? :p

Not quite as popular, no wonder really. You would have to be either Swedish or American and proud of it to want to wear any of these. The good news is that they do indeed fit you even if you are not swedish or american! Swedish-kini and American-kini are my new, improved versions of the bikini available for free in my store. This was it's original purpose, I was just feeling too lazy to finish it!

Finally my latest release. This one was put on my MM board pre-release aswell as people seem to appreciate when I do this. I put it up yeterday afternoon and it locked with in 30 minutes(way to go people)!
It is a latex bodysuit. Hot, devilish, 'Devilicious'!

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