Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some new things

Nope, no new classes this time. I figured I would let what I learned so far from classes sink in before I take on anything new. While waiting for my new knowledge to settle in my head I felt a wave of creativity come on so I sat down with photoshop and I just couldnt stop. First a pair of jeans and then 2 tube tops.

The ears are part of a gift from the Twisted and spoiled store and so is the belt, I think it gives a nice finish to my jeans. I will try to make a belt to go with them later.

I also found a very nice place for clubbing, its beautiful though a bit empty at the moment. They definately need some PR to get kicking. I hope they draw a crowd sometime soon because its a place I like to hang out at so if youre bored and up for a chat why not go down to the Nevermore nightclub and see if you can catch me, or any of the other nice people around.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

This place is beautiful

The bunnyhop hunt has started!
While was hopping along in the hunt I came across this beautiful place, I fell for it instantly. They have alot of places that couples can cuddle but I chose to just relax for a bit on this moon swing. Its a good place to sit back and just meditate life.

Yesterday I went to yet another class, this time it was something that I never really tried on my own before, class was held at the NCI academy by Devon Chaffe, it was very informative and by the end of class I not only had the knowledge on how to create tiny things in secondlife, I also had a worktable full of all the components you might need to create some nice jewelry. The workbench was provided as supplies for the class and inside there was textures for gold, silver and various gems, very useful.

Today after my arms and legs felt exausted from hopping around on the hunt for easter eggs I decided it ws time to try to create my first complete dress, with a flexi skirt part. Using the looprezzer that I achieved from the prim skirt class along with some of the skills I got there, here is my result.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

New day, new knowledge

So last night I took another class, this time at the NCI academy. This place is huge! They have several sims spread out and they hold many classes about everything from basic building to advanced building, scripting, sculpting.. This time I joined a class about creating flexi prim skirts using Ged Larsen's looprez, the script provided was a little bit improved by BLU tho and a little easier to handle so it was worth coming to class just for that. I've been trying to make skirts before like this but they always came out too sheer. This time I wasnt alone tho, I met some great people and made some new friends and there was alot of extra information about the looprez that would have taken a while longer to figure out on my own.
Here I am in class

After class was over I stayed to chat for a little bit then I went to try out my new knowledge, to make my very first skirt. I mean a skirt that actually looks ok. Here is my result, I made this to go with my jeans top that I made a few days ago. The hat is a sculptie that I got from the FRD easter egg hunt.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Am I getting any smarter?

I have been searching for good communities to learn and hang out with for a while. Finding sandboxes that host classes wasnt all that hard. I joined a few of them but last night I attended to my very first class. This was hosted by the Happy Hippo group and in this class we learned how to make edible easter cupcakes(so cute!). The class was quite easy and anyone could join, if you got stuck there was people around to help you in private without stopping the rest of the class from proceeding. The class took about 1½ hours and the people in there was just really nice, most of them probably didnt build very much before this class. It was nice to cam around and check out everybodys idea of what a nice easter cupcake would look like. Thank you Hippo's for hosting this class!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My first blogpost

Hello, I am IzaBella Goldschein and I am here to tell you about my SecondLife adventures. Well.. It will be good memories I hope. I think you will get to know me better day by day so no need for a full interview here, lets just enjoy the wonderful world of secondlife.

Im going to jump right at it and start.

Here you can see me standing by Total Betty's store. I found this store while I was attending to the grid-wide 'Twisted hunt' a big hunt with over a 100 prizes, some very nice ones that was just my taste and some... not so much my taste. :p
The hunt is active until the 30th this month.
Here is a SLURL to the staring location of the Twisted Hunt

Anyway Total Betty is just the kind of store I wish I could find in real life, they have the most hip & chic outfits aswell as some street gear, dresses.... all very beautiful and the sim, very beautiful aswell, I just fell in love with this place instantly. In the picture I am wearing Total Bettys baggy skater pants that I got from the hunt and a jeans top that I made. Its called 'Donna', I decided to name all my designed clothes and give them girls names or boys names depending on if its designed for men or women. I am hoping to some day be good enough to have my own clothing line in secondlife, practice practice! =)