Sunday, May 10, 2009

A little something for the new ones..

Today I've decided to blog about all the very very generous designers out there. Especially the ones who go a little further to help newbie out. I'm talking about the ones who have a constant special offer for new avatars, usually avatars less than 30 days old. An example for this is a hair store called 'Gurl 6'. They have a VERY generous offer - any avatar can go to their store an pick up a notecard to fill out, they get to pick ONE hairstyle, any hairstyle they want in their entire store for FREE. If you're a member of their group you will get every single color pack for that hairstyle aswell. I did this when I was born and I got 60 different colors of my favorite hairstyle. I use it all the time, even a year after I got it. Thank you Gurl 6 =)
So in this post I will keep a list of stores with this offer, if you know of any places like this or if you own a store with special newbie offers like this please let me know. Also as the post extends please let me know if any of the stores on the list does not have a noobie special anymore.

Gurl 6 - avatars less than 30 days old can pick one hairstyle for free. Pick up the notecard at their store for more info.
~Tea Lane~ - has a skin available for free for avatars less than 30 days old.
A:S:S - Has a great starter-package for new avatars less than 20 days old. There's so much in this package and it all looks great.
Here are some previews:

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