Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another new one!

Yup, I told you I had more coming up. =)

So here is my dress that I decided to call "Dilemma"
It was made for and inspired by the runway show I was in last week at the Downtown Model Agency. The theme was "angels and devils" can you guess what I did? Both! No, I didnt enter the runway twice... See for yourself.

It is now up for sale in my store for 49L. Because looking good shouldnt cost a fortune ;)

There is also a groupgift coming up. It's all ready, I just havent had time to box it up yet but it will be out today. Make sure to join the subscribe-o-matic goup because that's where it will be sent out.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lots and lots of new releases!

Oh where to begin? I've been a busy little girl.. I dont know what happened, all of a sudden I had 4 new items up for sale... and still have more ready for sale!
I guess since Im such a naughty little lazy blogger and didnt blog for a while I will have to start in chronological order.

First up this week was my new, very popular swimsuit 'Elegant tease'.
I put it in my MM board pre-release and it seemed fairly popular. Way more people stuck around than usual. The Board filled up pretty fast but since I had already promised to force it on a certain time it did not have a chance to lock.
The MM board was set up by Nightclub Phantasm as they were having their big opening party. So it was a mix of an opening gift and a way to get people to see the club. I have to add that the club was looking FAB on that day. You see, everytime they have a themeparty they refurnish and remodel the whole club both outside and insides. This time it was a fantasy theme and it was so beautiful. This club goes one step further in entertainment they really do!
Next up on the list of releases are these 2 bikinis 'American kini' and 'Swedish kini'. Yes, more swimwear, it is summer isnt it? :p

Not quite as popular, no wonder really. You would have to be either Swedish or American and proud of it to want to wear any of these. The good news is that they do indeed fit you even if you are not swedish or american! Swedish-kini and American-kini are my new, improved versions of the bikini available for free in my store. This was it's original purpose, I was just feeling too lazy to finish it!

Finally my latest release. This one was put on my MM board pre-release aswell as people seem to appreciate when I do this. I put it up yeterday afternoon and it locked with in 30 minutes(way to go people)!
It is a latex bodysuit. Hot, devilish, 'Devilicious'!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I love Lucky Designs! =)

Yep, it's true that buying my MidnightMania board was the best thing I've done for my business, and when the creator behind the MM board offered an upgrade to the copy version - it didnt take long for me to make up my mind. So... not long ago the next big hit from Lucky Designs arrived. This time it isnt an item really... its more of a big BIG game tieing together all the previous Lucky Design products and community around it. Let me tell you, this is so much fun, now youre not only getting your favorite freebies from the lucky chairs, lucky cupcakes and other lucky products. You're also collecting points that you can use to get tickets, which in turn can be used to exchange for special items at various stores. There is also an island high up in the sky with several games and activities that can reward you points. One of them is 'Detonation' which is very much like minesweeper(sorry Shep ;p) so get practicing! The points you collect are called 'Kudos' and when you finish a task that rewards kudos you also get a badge, the list of badges can get pretty long! The link to this game which is also called the Lucky Tribe, can be found in my list of bloggers on the left side of my blog. =) Give it a try, it really is so much fun!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A little something for the new ones..

Today I've decided to blog about all the very very generous designers out there. Especially the ones who go a little further to help newbie out. I'm talking about the ones who have a constant special offer for new avatars, usually avatars less than 30 days old. An example for this is a hair store called 'Gurl 6'. They have a VERY generous offer - any avatar can go to their store an pick up a notecard to fill out, they get to pick ONE hairstyle, any hairstyle they want in their entire store for FREE. If you're a member of their group you will get every single color pack for that hairstyle aswell. I did this when I was born and I got 60 different colors of my favorite hairstyle. I use it all the time, even a year after I got it. Thank you Gurl 6 =)
So in this post I will keep a list of stores with this offer, if you know of any places like this or if you own a store with special newbie offers like this please let me know. Also as the post extends please let me know if any of the stores on the list does not have a noobie special anymore.

Gurl 6 - avatars less than 30 days old can pick one hairstyle for free. Pick up the notecard at their store for more info.
~Tea Lane~ - has a skin available for free for avatars less than 30 days old.
A:S:S - Has a great starter-package for new avatars less than 20 days old. There's so much in this package and it all looks great.
Here are some previews:

Friday, May 8, 2009

Good news, bad news and rezzday news!

Let's do this candid camera style.

The bad news..
I have decided to move my main location from 'Agora Village Shops' to 'Welcome Center Galleria' - I am no longer renting at the Agora Village Shops. While this may not be bad news for any of you it hurts me in a few different ways.
First off, the people who know where my store is and who keep coming back for more will now face an empty space, or even another store where mine used to be and they may not know where to turn...(I hope you read this!)
The second thing it does to me is that I now have to go through all my posters and replace the landmarks inside them and rewrite and replace the notecards.
Last but not least, Agora was an adorable little shopping district, just the right size, the right price and the right environment. Welcome Center Galleria is ALOT bigger as I stated in my last post but atleast we get concerts and events! Im renting a small slot at the moment, 50 prims but I've got my eye on the larger slots on the first floor. If any of those get abandoned I might just take it!

The good news..
I finally quit being evil and put out the design I mentioned in an earlier post.
It's a white, rocky outfit. There's 2 different tops included, one is a normal cut and the other has a shorter a little more daring V-cut. Both tops have studs scattered on the front and kind of take the shape of a heart. The pants are unique too, while rocky with studs and all the heart shape that th suds form around your behind really puts all eyes on you(or it?). I decided to include 2 different belts in this set aswell since the belts in the 'Hot Peek!' sets were so popular. One belt is with studs all around while the other is a plain black belt without studs.

Finally, the rezzday news!
It's my rezzday today as you might know and I am not one to be greedy on such a wonderful day. So I put up TWO Midnight Mania boards, each with an outfit that is usually sold in my store. Board number one includes the black version of my 'Crazy Raver' outfit and in the other board I put my beautiful spring dress(I love it :p). The target is set to just 75 per board so its gonna lock up fast, you better hurry if you want it!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy rez-day!

No not yet, soon though. My one year rezzday is on the 8th, in 3 days! I demand lots and lots of gifts! No... actually a hug or 2 would be fine, if you really really love me!

New store location, Welcome Center Galleria. It's a full sim of shops. The shops are all very beautiful and have big display windows. The wall and floor textures can be changed by the managers at the mall which saves some prims =). A couple of my friends moved in as neighbors so it was an easy decision.
They also host concerts from time to time by their big open dancefloor, theres one to be held on the 9th so maybe that will be a good way to celebrate my rezzday, even if it's one day too late. You're all welcome to meet me there!

I had a discussion with myself the other day about eyes..
What is the deal about eyes? You can find them free, you can find them cheap and you can find them pretty expensive at some of the larger stores. Is more expensive better? I have tried many eyes and one thing I noticed is that the ones that are very photoreal when you zoom in or when you look at their texture usually dont look all that flattering at a normal distance.. The details get washed out and because they're photoreal the color is normally a bit faded. Now on the other hand the more cartoony and/or handdrawn eyes normally stand out a bit more which enhances your face(we all know that the eyes are a mirror to the soul) but if the color is too heavy the color itself makes important details get washed out, possibly to the extent of just leaving a colorful SPLAT! in your eye... So where do you find quality eyes? I dont have the answer to that... I did find a pair of freebie eyes at Redgrave's(a very good skin designer) that were pretty good looking but I wish they were a little bit more blue. I went back to see if they had any eyes for sale but failed to find any, the store is quite big and very populated so it's possible that they just didnt rezz fast enough.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sneaky Bella!

Hi guys! *big grin*
Yup I'm so sneaky, I made some new stuff, but I havent actually put them up for sale yet! So I dont have all that much to come with for the blog this week, there is a new freebie tho!
This time it is a pinkish-red sequin bikini given away for free at the agora village shops. =)
Very sexy ^^
My landlord doesnt seem to approve of public sunbathing in locations with no sun tho! Shame ;p
Some things on my mind right now..
I currently have 2 store locations, as you may or may not already know. One is a small vending stall outside the Phantasm nightclub. It's 50L a week for 50 prims(1L per prim) the other is 110L a week for 60 prims(math, anyone? 1,84L per prim) and I also rent a safety box for my magic box at 35L a month for 1 prim(8,75L per prim). So I have 110 prims at my disposal in vending locations and 1 prim for my magic box... My safetybox rental is about to run out and I am unsure of whether I should renew it or if I should put it somewhere in one of my vending locations... 35L a month is no money and the reason I decided on a safety box was to possibly reduce the downtime or delivery problems and also because the magic box is so darn ugly...(isnt it?). I still have to give it some thought tho... 8,75 per prim, am I just being greedy?
Let me know if you have some more pro's and con's on this or just an opinion, I always had trouble making decisions!
Another thing came up yesterday, there is a new upcoming hunt in july and I am considering to enter. It is hosted by the owners of Total Betty's(totally adorable clothing but you should know by now that I adore them^^). Im currently trying to think up ideas of what to make, it'll be great fun! I do wonder tho - how many shoe(and non-shoe) stores are going to make glass slippers?